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Albums of 2012 – 22. Death Grips – ‘NO LOVE DEEP WEB’

Death Grips - 'NO LOVE DEEP WEB'

The second of two records this year following their recent major label signing (and subsequent dismissal), NO LOVE DEEP WEB presents an even more paranoid, hyper chaotic world than the first. Offered as a free download after frustrations with Epic Records, the album caught everyone off guard. You get the feeling that this was every bit Death Grips’ intention though; this is a record that generates self-gratification from the risks it takes. In short, it thrives on shock value.

From the outright aggressive Lock Your Doors to the urgency of Lil Boy, the record’s cold, abrasive, strictly lo-fi electronics give it a claustrophobic feel that amplifies Stefan Burnett’s vocals, displayed here at their most frantically schizoid. On the opening track Come Up and Get Me, Burnett’s delivery is especially unhinged – at times his voice even breaks to startling effect.

The eponymous No Love wouldn’t sound out of place in the dystopian landscape of A Clockwork Orange, providing a soundtrack to ultraviolence with its deep percussive hits and unrelenting drone sounds. World Of Dogs is equally apocalyptic, with the perversely catchy hook ‘it’s all suicide’ repeated over and over like a metronome. Whammy and Pop prove that Death Grips haven’t altogether turned their backs on the dancier tendencies developed on The Money Store, however they remain positively nihilistic and are all the more interesting for it.

Granted, Death Grips’ world may not be one explored frequently, but for those with the mental stamina its daring nature and expertly crafted atmosphere is entirely engrossing. Oh, and did I mention that there’s an inked up erect penis on the cover? If that’s not clever marketing, I don’t know what is.


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