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Albums of 2012 – 13. Frank Ocean – ‘Channel Orange’

People only see what they want to see. Frank Ocean of all people knows this. You might know him as a member of infamous rap collective Odd Future. Those with their nose to the ground may be aware of his song writing credits for the likes of Bieber and Beyoncé. His features on Watch the Throne gave him some much deserved mainstream exposure. Then of course, he landed on everyone else’s radar after recently publishing a beautifully written – and no less brave – open letter discussing his sexuality. In light of this, it should come as no surprise that Frank Ocean’s debut album Channel Orange is less an individual channel per se; rather, the sonic equivalent of a Sky+ box.

I’m still not certain that it’s the ‘classic album’ that everyone would like it to be, but only time will show who’s right. Upon reflection though, Channel Orange definitely grew on me as months passed – most of the points in my review still stand, however. Check out the full review on the Concrete website. 


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