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Albums of 2012 – 12. How To Dress Well – ‘Total Loss’

If there was ever an argument for making the jump from lo to hi-fidelity, it would be How to Dress Well – a.k.a. Tom Krell’s – 2010 debut, Love Remains. Caught in the middle of the year’s ubiquitous lo-fi ‘chillwave’ trend, the record was plagued by crackled reverb and blown out distortion. Its imperfections were its greatest attribute, but one can only get so much mileage from a lo-fi template. As such, moving from one end of the fidelity spectrum to the other seems for Krell less a response to the change in musical current, and rather a decision made out of necessity. Indeed, both in terms of style and concept Total Loss dictates a production approach that is worlds away from bedroom recordings on a laptop.

This is probably my favourite R&B-influenced album of the year, and for good reason. Check out my review of it for the Concrete website.


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