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Albums of 2013 – 11. AlunaGeorge – ‘Body Music’

Take a moment to consider the past few years’ breakout beat-driven talent and you’ll realise just how much music for the body is produced under ambiguity. Lest we forget, AlunaGeorge’s first commercial release came courtesy of Tri Angle Records – responsible for the most incognito names in electronic music.

Mystery never suited Aluna Francis and George Reid though, and it’s on their major label debut that they find an apt description for their partnership: like bodies in motion, this is in every way a human, collaborative effort. Fittingly, Body Music works only when its creators are in tandem. The stellar 2011 single ‘You Know You Like It’ still remains their highest watermark, a futuristic slice of 90’s-indebted R&B.

It isn’t an altogether predictable affair though. Outlines is a disarmingly simple opening gambit, proving that the pair’s potential for sensuality lies in restraint. Meanwhile, ‘Attracting Flies’ is a welcome reprieve to Francis’ often-juvenile songwriting – never has the ‘you’re talking shit’ sentiment sounded so cute and cutting in equal measure. Their playful take on Montell Jordan’s ‘This Is How We Do It’ might have divided critics, but it nevertheless remains a neat summation of their musical intent.

Far from a faultless project, Body Music proves that AlunaGeorge are still better creators than editors. Then again, they’ve always been a singles-first act, ever since their bedroom beginnings. It just happens that, three years later, they’ve come out with an album full of them, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of.


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